8 Volunteer Opportunities in Phoenix

8 Volunteer Opportunities in Phoenix


Volunteering is a meaningful way to become part of something bigger than yourself. Charitable organizations are always in need of support from individuals looking to make an impact, whether you’re looking to get your hands dirty or work alongside other members of your community collecting items for charity.

To give you some ideas on how to get involved, we asked eight thought leaders to share their favorite places to volunteer and other opportunities in Phoenix to make a difference.

Unique ways to support classroom teachers

The Million Dollar Teacher Project partners with schools to increase how their teachers are recognized, drive more support directly into classrooms and create innovative ways to impact teacher compensation.  A huge driver of teachers leaving the profession is their workload.  This can be addressed through strategic classroom based volunteer opportunities that are meaningful but also fit into your everyday life.  You can start with looking for ways to help your students’ classroom teacher.  If you don’t have kids you can contact the school nearest to you and inquire about ways you can assist.  This year there are many virtual opportunities being offered to tutor or mentor kids.  So, you are not limited to just in-person volunteerism.  Even just giving an hour a week can make a world of difference to a teacher.

Lloyd Hopkins, Million Dollar Teacher Project

Habitat For Humanity Central Arizona

Arizona’s best companies partner with Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona to build homes, communities, and hope. Partnering with Habitat gives corporations an opportunity to give back to the local community while offering employees a volunteer project with satisfying, tangible results.

Denise Gredler, Best Companies Arizona

St. Mary’s Food Bank

Our team volunteered at St. Mary’s Food Bank during the holidays to help pack meals for those in need while having a great time bonding as a team. It was a great experience! 

Kimberly Kriewald, AVANA Capital

Nonprofits in HR Issues

I regularly volunteer with nonprofits and schools to help with HR issues, special events, training and promoting communication.  I have loved my hands-on work with organizations such as Feed My Starving Children, to help feed hungry children around the world. Arts organizations are really struggling right now, so there may be even more ways for volunteers to help.  Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona and Phoenix Children’s Chorus come to mind.  Think deeply about all your gifts and the many ways you can give through volunteering.

Colleen McManus, Senior Consultant

UMOM New Day Centers

UMOM restores hope and rebuilds lives by providing shelter, services and affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness in the greater Phoenix area. They are always looking for volunteers for their “Read to Me” program as well as serving meals. This is a great opportunity to make a difference in the Phoenix community.

Zack McCarty, Qwick

Community Fund of Sun City West Inc.

A personal favorite of mine is the Community Fund of Sun City West Inc. They want to help those with low income in any way they can. They have helped over 150 residents and continue to do so.

Andrew Roderick, Credit Repair

Tempe YMCA

There are literally thousands of places to volunteer. You can choose based upon the type of work you like to do or the work the non-profit does. I volunteer with the Tempe YMCA. I love working with them because we have programs for all ages and needs.

Nicole Spracale, Coaching & Consulting

Powered by Veterans 

My favorite place to volunteer is with the Wounded Warrior Project and The Mission Continues. Both are community-focused and powered by veterans.

Victor Jabri, Investigations Manager

Giving Back Comes in Many Forms

Phoenix is home to a variety of nonprofit organizations in areas like Animals, Homeless, Food and Health. Places like the Arizona Humane Society and St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance are always looking for volunteers. Some of my favorite places to volunteer are Feed My Starving Children, Valleywise Health Medical Center, and my elementary school. I also donate blood at Vitalant. Giving back comes in many forms.

Kayla Centeno, Education SEO Company

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Growing the Tree

Million Dollar Teacher Tree was first developed in a classroom by students in a program called, Next Generation Service Corps at Arizona State University in December of 2017. These students were tasked by Lloyd Hopkins, founder of Million Dollar Teacher project with developing a project that can potentially become an integral part in helping MDTP achieve its mission. The group eventually developed the original prototype for Million Dollar Teacher Tree—a cutout dollar sign that would be placed in surrounding businesses near the partner school. The idea was pitched to staff members of MDTP during the last of their class, and the project was picked up by MDTP as a new pilot program for the organization. After many months of planning, the prototype was eventually revamped into what it is today, Million Dollar Teacher Tree.

Golden Apple

These apples are intended to provide any sort of Professional Development which, in turn, gifts them with key knowledge to add to their personal skill-set to better work with their students.

As educators, teachers are constantly looking to continually grow in their profession to not only learn how to better connect with their students, but to also make the learning experience much more exciting.

Suggested donation amount range: $10 – $100

Red Apple

These apples are designed to provide the typical day-to-day items in the classroom. Teachers spend can spend upwards of $1,000 out of pocket to have enough supplies yearlong for their students– to alleviate this, the Red Apples were created.

Everyday school supplies include; pencils, notebooks, crayons, hand sanitizer, etc.

Green Apple

These apples are intended to provide a big-ticket item for the teachers. These supplies are typically something that the teachers can use for more than one school year.

Examples include; a class-set of computers or new furniture for the classroom.

Suggested donation amount: $500+